Saturday, June 26, 2010

"What do women REALLY want?" ....a weekly contest in blogadda sponsored by Pringoo

I would like to start with what I want as a woman and would not like to represent the entire gender because we all are different individuals with our own set of beliefs and values. I wouldn't like to represent my best friend even in this matter as I think that we are not in love with the same man .......and we both possibly can't have the same set of wants in spite of all the common interests that we have which made us 'best friends' with each other. Interestingly, that reveals every woman wants are different from each other. It would be coincidental that the things that I want for myself may resemble with another woman.
First of all, I want a man who knows the worth of  my love for him. He needs to show that I am his first priority and that he would do anything for me throughout his life. He can win me with a rose and his words along with it will show....the depth of his love for me.  He should choose to be with me throughout my life even when my beauty will gradually wouldn't suffice. The wrinkles shouldn't fade away his love in any way other words, he should be in love with my soul from the very first day!! I' ll always try to understand his mind and would gladly provide him the space anytime.....but in spite of all these I know...emotions will get overflowed, but I wouldn't mind to say a 'sorry' first and would like him too to initiate when situations arise.I would like him to be the 'man' of my heart who would gladly say," Everybody get married first! To love a woman is life's finest gift and to win her love is not very hard  you see. All you have to do is to say everyday, that she means a lot to you in a very simple way". She wouldn't expect any diamonds or any expensive gift, if you make her realize that she is more precious than these. Today's woman doesn't expect any diamond from you because she is capable of buying her own diamonds too.
Apologies to those who donot agree and thank you anyway for reading me......
Last but not the least, what woman really wants is 'love' from you which she sees transparently when you really mean it too.