Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rejuvenation in an unexplored paradise !!

       Summer vacation has almost come to an end . I realized that me and my two daughters deserved a much needed change, a break to rejuvenate ourselves to struggle again in life . The precious possession of my life, the friends that I treasure so much came up with a plan of a trip to Cherrapunjee . Everybody got charged up and the plan came into force and a resort was booked for a one night halt.
      It was the 2nd of July'11 when I approached my husband with the plan which he was already intimidated by Bonnie ( Berry's husband) and told him that the resort has been booked for all of us, four families altogether for the 9th of July. To not as much of a surprise, my husband threw his schedule on my face and declared that he would not be able to accompany us as he already had other commitments. As always I tried to understand and decided to go forward with the trip with my friends whom I consider as my family .

     Everyone was excited when the day approached, more then anybody, the kids were super excited when they were told that we would be staying there and they would get ample time to have unlimited fun. We booked two vehicles and set for an adventurous journey. I decided to take my maid along with me for additional support in the absence of my husband.

    We packed our bags with all the essential commodities , both edibles and wearable and set for a rejuvenating adventurous trip to Cherrapunjee , Sai-I-Mika Resort .

About Sai-I-Mika Resort...

                      One ambitious and determined woman, Mrs J.R. Phanbuh started Sa-i-mika Park in the year 2005. She started planning and creating Sa-i-mika from a very small beginning with the help of a few well-wishers and family, and today she is proud to say that she has achieved a lot and is happy that she can serve and entertain people from all lifestyles and from different parts of India.

The Present scenerio of the Resort :  

                          The park caters to both locals and tourists from outside the State in the form of entertainment and educative recreation for both adults and children through the various facilities which are present and which will be made available in the near future. The park offers various sports and games arenas like a basketball court, a volleyball court, a skating ring, a badminton court, a playground with swings and slides for young children and last but not the least a children's swimming pool for them to cool off and have fun during the summer season.

There are traditional Khasi huts as well as conventional rooms for those who love nature and who would like to experience a night or two of this beautiful, breathtaking paradise.

Local Khasi food is available in the restaurant accompanied with a tug shop for snacks and cold drinks.

There are Picnic huts for those who want to cook by themselves in different areas of the park. A meandering stream flows through the park with small waterfalls and ponds that elaborates the beauty of the park.

Individuals who seek to have conferences and meetings far from the hustle and bustle of town can opt for the conference hall that has been made especially for exclusiveness

A guide is also available to take the tourists for hikes in and around Cherrapunjee, and for those who prefer to go sightseeing in luxury and comfort can do so by car.

Cherrapunjee is 60km from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya and Shillong is 104 kms from from the International airport in Guwahati to Cherrapunjee , it is a trip of 164 kms approximately by road transport.

Finally on 9th of July , we all set for the journey to Cherrapunjee at about 7 am in the morning. We decided to divide our troupe into 2 groups for the 2 vehicles. We asked the menfolk and the children to travel in one and the ladies decided to travel together to have raw fun ;).
      We reached our destination at about 1pm in the afternoon . As soon as I stepped out of the vehicle, a cool shivering moist breeze gently kissed my body and I felt an overpowering emotion of pleasure. I said to myself, "This is heavenly".
       The kids became overexcited when they saw the park and the vast area of green untrodden lustrous meadows where they hopped and skipped with utter joy in no time. We all smiled at their puerile fun and fervour, a feeling of contentment that we could provide a miniscule amount of joy in their lives.

     We all went to check in to our rooms in the meantime and got freshened up for lunch which we had ordered on our way over the phone.
      The dining hall and its  natural decor mesmerized all of us and the Khasi delicacies made us utterly happy.

After the sumptous lunch , we set for a tour around the valley, while the children insisted to dive in the pool of the resort.

We didn't wanted to make our kids unhappy, so we set them free to fulfill every wish they had in the scarcely trodden paradise next door. We went for a walk nearby to let out our emotions which overflowed by the mesmerizing picturesque view and to inhale the freshness and made our lungs happy too.

The valley made us so spellbound that we forgot to chatter. We all kept mum for quite a while and I could feel happiness inside . I felt a strange sense of tranquility and I found a new perspective of life which strengthened my mind.
The vast green landscape covered with clouds and the shivering cool breeze made me feel loved again. I felt I found GOD !!

           We all had a wonderful time in the resort and the following day we headed back home. But we all have left a piece of our heart in the valley . Whenever I think of the trip , I feel  a strange pull of my mind and soul . This was the first stay in Cherrapunjee also known as Sohra....but definitely not the last time. I would love to explore this paradise next door over and over again to rejuvenate my soul !!

                Go visit and stay in there to experience the magnetism of one of nature's creation to feel the ecstacy of your soul.  Thank you !!




  2. Thank you PBH....for your good words but I need criticism too :)

  3. Yeah Its so rejuvenating when we take a vacation....especially in this kind of unspoilt hill stations. We love these places where there nothing much other then nature at its best. Just a couple of days and one can be back with so much.

  4. Thank you for dropping by...Blue Potato....the ecstatic feeling was so deep-rooted that I can still feel the moment by closing my eyes :)

  5. It's an informative article on your trip...You've successfully mentioned here briefly the scenery of the place with some related photographs...No doubt, it's really important in literary value also...specially a doctor, you keep yourself always busy with patients as well as in study...but, you've showed your capability n talent in literature too...great n admirable job...carry on Bana...

  6. Explored for any chance to criticize got none. Enjoy.:)

  7. @ Mridul da.....You could have helped me by throwing some words of criticism.....

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